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Why do blogs suck? A Blogging Revolution Needed?

Wait, no, I love blogs and blogging!    However several folks in the  blog echo-chamber are suggesting correctly that there are problems with this  echo-chamber and problems with the many “me too” posts out there by people who want to be in TechMeme or otherwise get linked.     I … Continue reading

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Blog fight, blog fight!

Nothing livens up a Saturday like a spirited round of personal insulting and counterbashing all caused by a mild critique on a trivial issue combined with a personal attack response.   TechMeme‘s close to making this the top story, which frankly is a defect … Continue reading

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TechMeme, Twitter, and Pownce

For some time my working hypothesis about new niche tech sites is that they appear to have explosive early growth followed by traffic stability or only slight traffic increases as all the early adopter tech enthusiasts sign on, and other … Continue reading

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Twitter ing about business plans for Twitter

I’m not sure I follow all the Twitter blog postage over at Techmeme today, but it appears to boil down to Center Networks speculating that Twitter may fail because it does not have a clear revenue plan and Jason Calcanis suggesting … Continue reading

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TechMeme still Rulez!

[Following is this is a revision of a post I did over at WebGuild.org – the Silicon Valley social networking and tech education group] .  For bloggers, Gabe Rivera’s TechMeme has become a top technology watering hole, ranking and finding great blog posts and tracking the discussions … Continue reading

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TechMeme Secrets

TechMeme has rapidly become one of the key techno watering holes in the blogosphere thanks to how it helps sift through tech blogs and posts to winnow out those getting maximum buzz.     Todd recently suggested he thinks a lot of … Continue reading

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TechMeme River of Tech news with a river of comments …

I could not resist this.   I’m taking a day of TechMeme stories and links and then commenting on all of them.   Partly because I *always* have something to say and partly because I just want to see how this is processed as TM commentary.    If this seems to … Continue reading

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