600 Billion down your own human drain

CNN interviewed the author of a book that suggests the pharmaceutical industry is out of control, beyond the reach of reasonable regulation, and suggested some "Trust busting" a la Teddy Roosevelt may be needed.

The interesting stat was that 600 billion is spend annually on unneeded drugs.   Wow.   If true that is a staggering waste.    Hey – I should start a website featuring objective information about Drugs.  It could be called Prescription Report.   Wait!  I already did that but it sucks.   I'll fix that someday.

1 thought on “600 Billion down your own human drain

  1. The Federal Election Committee (FEC) says 11 million people rank bloggers as their first source of political news. 63 million Americans went to the Web for at least some campaign news in 2004 (from the editorial in today’s local paper). I hope this means Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary Citizen will have more of a voice in upcoming elections rather than high-paid lobbyists such as those for the pharmaceutical industry that you are discussing, or just cussing, today.

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