Elfyourself – have yourself a virally marketed Christmas

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Viral marketing approaches (not to be confused with computer viruses) take clever little online ideas and try to make them spread by online “word of mouth” which usually means friends emailing other friends.

This year’s big viral winner may be ElfYourself, which is showing nothing less than stunning traffic over the past few weeks – looks like it’s beating out many major sites and might even approach the top 100 sites this week as it spreads. [nope – looks like it peaked near Christmas at about site 250 per Alexa measures].

My friend and neighbor Ilana sent me an Elfyourself and within 30 minutes I’d sent out one myself even though I usually avoid sending people anything “fun” online to avoid cluttering up their boxes.

Expedia vs Elfyourself traffic per Alexa. Alexa is not very reliable but it’s good for generic approaches like this. Note that it’s “today’s” measure rather than the three month average that is of interest here since the site just startup up a few weeks ago: Alexa traffic comparison

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6 Responses to Elfyourself – have yourself a virally marketed Christmas

  1. themiddlemanager says:

    I agree on the Viral Winner of the Year. I sent that ElfYourself thing on to everybody I knew!

  2. Tommo says:

    Hmm. Site doesn’t work with Firefox and Flashkakblock.

  3. joeduck says:

    Oh, you mean ElfYourSelf rather than here…phew. No big deal you can live without it!

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  5. Shari says:

    Yep, elfyourself should win hands down. I also sent an elfyourself to everyone I know. And I really, really NEVER do that. NEVER.

  6. Kevin says:

    ElfYourself is really popular especially during the Seasonal Holidays. Do you Wanna See Bush and his family dance in Elf uniforms? Check out this site! http://wikigiz.com/2007/12/13/bush-elf-dance-for-you

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