Coffee Calendar

Coffee Calendar

Click here for more about the 2008 Coffee Calendar

Hey, it’s Coffee Calendar Google ranking excitement!  As I mentioned in some earlier posts my wife’s Brother-in-law Ricardo has a great Coffee Calendar, a project he has worked on for some time that features some great art and history.

Helping him attain a proper Google rank for his site offers up some neat lessons in how Google ranks websites – perhaps most importantly how blogs have come to be a very critical factor in some rankings.  

Artist Mike Rohde also has a neat “Sketchtoon” Coffee Calendar he has done for 2008.    Where Ricardo’s Coffee Calendar focuses more on history, Mike’s focuses on the actual coffee drinks.   Both would make a neat gift for any coffee lover in your life so check them both out!

Mike’s Calendar has the top Google spot now and I think this is a good example of Google favoring blog content over an actual website devoted to the Coffee Calendar.    Ricardo’s site was recently launched and thus I’m guessing Mike’s blog is given higher authority at Google when “Coffee Calendars” are getting discussed.    Since this blog appears to have more authority than Mike’s it’ll be interesting to see if this post has any affect on the rankings.

In the meantime, pick a Coffee Calendar and a fresh picked pound of coffee beans as a neat gift for the coffee lover in your life. 

Coffee Calendar

[crackle-crackle-ssssss=pfffffttt!] … we interrupt the technology ramblings AGAIN to bring you EVEN MORE mildly shameless promotions of friend and family projects ….

My brother-in-law Ricardo Levin Morales is an artist in Minneapolis who has roots deep in the fertile coffee-bearing soil of Puerto Rico.   His Coffee Calendar is a vibrant, thoughtful reflection on the history and culture of coffee over the past few hundred years and would be an excellent gift for any coffee enthusiast.    My wife has been showing the calendar to some coffee shops here in Southern Oregon and the response has been great.
Check out the Coffee Calendar online and if you like it … order a few for Christmas Gifts. 

Pipo Nguyen-Duy is another artist I know with a unique and provocative vision of the world.  Check out some of Pipo’s work here:   Pipo teaches at Oberlin College in Ohio but lives here in Oregon and is the top player at our  Ashland Oregon Table Tennis club.

Coffee Calendar

My brother-in-law Ricardo is an artist in Minneapolis, MN.  He’s got a neat new project he’s been working on for some time called “The Coffee Calendar“.   For Coffee or Calendar enthusiasts this will make a neat christmas gift, and you can order it directly from his Coffee Calendar Website over at

Oh, yes, this post is in part an attempt to get the coffee calendar *correctly listed* over at Google as the top result for the query “Coffee Calendar” where it now shows as third.   I suppose Google could argue that the coffee shop calendars they have should be at the top, but I’d say Ricardo’s Coffee Calendar is more relevant.   

Of course, relevance is, in part, defined by the linking structure of the web which in this case I’m slightly manipulating by this blog post.  But it’s for a good cause and I think even the inimitable Matt Cutts over at Google would agree this is white hat SEO which helps internet users find the Coffee Calendar they’ve been looking for for so long.   

Note:  This is NOT a pay to post post about coffee calendars.  Would it be less relevant if it was a pay to post post?    Yes, but clearly it would have some relevance about coffee and calendars nonetheless.   How much relevance?    Google makes all those decisions and they are mysterious algorithmic magic, so don’t ask me.  

Elfyourself – have yourself a virally marketed Christmas

Know any coffee and art lovers?   Give them The Coffee Calendar 

Viral marketing approaches (not to be confused with computer viruses) take clever little online ideas and try to make them spread by online “word of mouth” which usually means friends emailing other friends.

This year’s big viral winner may be ElfYourself, which is showing nothing less than stunning traffic over the past few weeks – looks like it’s beating out many major sites and might even approach the top 100 sites this week as it spreads. [nope – looks like it peaked near Christmas at about site 250 per Alexa measures].

My friend and neighbor Ilana sent me an Elfyourself and within 30 minutes I’d sent out one myself even though I usually avoid sending people anything “fun” online to avoid cluttering up their boxes.

Expedia vs Elfyourself traffic per Alexa. Alexa is not very reliable but it’s good for generic approaches like this. Note that it’s “today’s” measure rather than the three month average that is of interest here since the site just startup up a few weeks ago: Alexa traffic comparison