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WordPress vs Blogger

Wow, WordPress is superb. Now I’ve got the categorization lacking in Blogger and what appears to be a far more robust platform. All free. Just imported all the stuff. Google! Why don’t you use WordPress? PS – thanks Todd

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Edgeio is brilliant … and will fail.

Edgeio is brilliant but will fail has moved

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WordPress vs Blogger & thank you Todd

Thanks to the advice of Todd over at his blog suggesting I change formats, and the fact that Uber Blogger Scoble switched to it I’m going to switch to WordPress blogging very soon. The biggest challenge with blogger is that … Continue reading

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Content is … Pawn

Not only is content’s role as KING becoming questionable, I think we may be entering an era where content has effectively very few “rights” attached to it, and instead it’ll all be about the aquisition, distribution and organization of data … Continue reading

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Myspace perspectives from Danah Boyd

Danah Boyd is a social networking researcher who also works at Yahoo. Easily one of the brightest observers in this space though I’m not yet convinced that she is a *wise* observer of these things. I’d read her blog and … Continue reading

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Is a safespace?

On CNN a child psychologist warned that NO child should have a “web page”, and that, a social networking site popular mostly among teens, was a dangerous environment that could be used by predators to “profile” potential victims. It … Continue reading

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Moderation in all things

Provocative thought for the day: Change is coming from the WRONG set of ideas. It’s coming from both the positive and negative “exciting” stuff like wars and conflict, concerts and rich people. Change SHOULD be coming from a careful examination … Continue reading

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