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BarCamp USA 2007

Wow, if BarCamp USA <<too bad… it’s been cancelled >>really pulls in 5000 technology enthusiasts it could be the best conference of the year, and in Wisconsin no less. At a cost of $50 it’ll also be close to the … Continue reading

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Jim Gray, computing pioneer, missing at sea off California Coast

Click here to help scan satellite pictures and help with the search for Jim Gray. The New York Times is now covering the story as is Amazon’s Werner Vogels Current news stories click here —– earlier —— My pal Tom, … Continue reading

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Who needs a real world anyway?

Glenn’s reporting on the new banking licenses offered for the virtual world.    Although there are obvious potential abuses, on balance I think these virtual world development are fantastic. Back when I was running more website advertisements from Europe, Paypal was … Continue reading

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Zawodny to Beal “Spammer!”. Beal to Zawodny “Get a Damn Clue!”

You’ve got to love these spats between clever and prominent blog dudes. It’s not only the closest onliners generally come to schoolyard or barroom brawling, but often these debates give huge insight into the future of the online world. When … Continue reading

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Fred: Flickr’s Frickin’ Fantastic!

Like any good Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson is trying to figure out what the heck is going on …. online, and looking for great examples of companies that are doing things right. I could not agree more that Flickr is … Continue reading

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Carlton College Minnesota – Wind Power!

WindMill Power Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. A single HUGE windmill provides most of the power for Minnesota’s Carleton College. Another, about 5 miles away, provides power to Saint Olaf College. Both are in Northfield, MN about 70 miles south of … Continue reading

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Table Tennis

Hey, I may not be at Davos but I did make the local paper for Table Tennis! Ashland Daily Tidings The Ashland Table Tennis Club Website.

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