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Expedia’s Best Price Guarantee, like a grenade, just needs to be …. close.

Generally I like price guarantees which tell you that the company is 1) fairly confident they are usually offering the best pricing on stuff and 2) allow you to relax a bit and book while still surfing around for a … Continue reading

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Yahoo vs Google Search

This clever application compares results from Yahoo to Google.   Type in a search terms and see how the results stack up on each engine as the lines between dots connect the *same* site on each engine.

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Kawasaki on new trends in marketing

Here is a nice summary of insights from Guy Kawasaki, clever marketing guru, about what young people are doing online and on phone.    Supports the ideas that the future is highly mobile and must be highly “permission based” in … Continue reading

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Yahoo Hack Day is Rocking!

Yahoo Hack Day is already shaping up to be a fantastic event. I really hate to miss this developer campout down in Sunnyvale that is featuring hands-on developer classes today, a yet-to-be-named big time entertainer tonight, and a hack contest … Continue reading

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Yahoo! …. I finally bought the company….well…I bought a little piece of Yahoo!.

I’ve been watching Yahoo the company and Yahoo the stock for over a year, and finally put my money where my mouth is and picked up 600 shares at 25.31 I feel the stock is really undervalued due to what … Continue reading

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The World’s most unusual hotels are really neat

This slideshow from Yahoo/Forbes profiles some of the world’s most unusual hotels. I’d have to say that China’s undersea hotel, slated for completion in 2009, is the most amazing. It’s called the Crescent Hydropolis and their website is: Crescent Hydropolis

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Asphalt, the underrated innovation

Billions use it daily on roads and on roofs, but Asphalt really does not get the respect it deserves. Concrete too, but everybody loves a cement mixer and I think many boys fondly remember their toy truck cement mixer. However … Continue reading

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