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Komarnitsky’s Halloween Webcams – amazing..

REVISED AGAIN: Alek informs me that he really is up to amazing X10 cam tricks with lights and inflating Homers despite the fact that it was a hoax back in 2002. It really is amazing then. REVISED: Alek Komarnitsky has … Continue reading

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Google vs Microsoft reveals a pitiful MS

Today’s Tech headlines: Google Aquires JotSpot Google shares ad wealth with videographers  Microsoft has a new image on their boxed software  Who’d have thunk just a few years ago that so many would be pitying Microsoft as the “has been” … Continue reading

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Sex, lies, and commercial blogging disclosures

Mike Arrington suggests that PayPerPost is now officially absurd with a new and silly disclosure policy and I think I agree: PayPerPost’s disclosure options are already effectively obsolete because checking the first box = “Look at me, I’m a very … Continue reading

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Face it, Facebook isn’t even close to being worth what’s going to get paid for it

Like many frothing at the mouth online analysts and social networking ravers, Pete Cashmore suggests that Zuckerberg is right to act like he’s in no rush to sell Facebook, but this is silly. Zuckerberg is playing high stakes poker and … Continue reading

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Should Blogging ban Conferences?

Nielsen banned blogging at a recent conference leading Steve Rubel to ask “Should Conferences Ban Blogging?” I think a much better question is this: Should Blogging ban Conferences? Over the last 18 months or so I’ve made a point of … Continue reading

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Myspace to Facebook migration underway. Next Facebook to ?

Washington Post piece suggests Myspace may be in trouble as teens migrate from there to Facebook, which until a month ago was a college socializing website but now covers the globe. I’m not sure Facebook will be the endpoint though. … Continue reading

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Interesting Tech Items Today

Lot’s of neat tech news this morning: David Berlind is concerned about IBM’s lawsuit against Amazon which suggests IBM patented online advertising.     This may make reverse domain hijacking look like child’s play. Bog Cringley’s involved in a a … Continue reading

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