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New York Salaries

New York Magazine has a great piece showing the salaries of hundreds of people in many professions, all of whom are based in NYC.    There’s even a description of salary trends and amounts in sectors like publishing and TV … Continue reading

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China to internet gaming addicts – !/!/! zzzzzZAP!/!/!

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Industry sponsored research? Leave it on the shelf!

Over at Marketing Pilgrim, an excellent resource from Andy Beal and friends, I’ve been giving Jordan a hard time about citing a radio industry study that (surprise!) shows that radio is awesomely effective. I see a ton of this in … Continue reading

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Lomborg on “Climate Hysteria”

As concerned as I have been about the scientific sensationalism and downright deceptive presentations in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth“, I was rooting for Al last night at the Oscars. Perhaps as consolation prize for losing the US Presidency? Contrary … Continue reading

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Where did that $14,000,000,000,000.00 go again?

It struck me how great it would be to have a website to track government spending, which even to the most enthusiastic tax and spender often falls short of the mark.   One of the reasons federal spending is so wildly … Continue reading

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Blogging x 10 years

Dan Farber has a nice commentary on the state of blogging after 10 years based on his informal confab with Dave Winer, who arguably is the inventor of blogging. 10 years of blogging is misleading in the sense that the … Continue reading

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Oscar predictions using search engine results? Not very accurate!?

WordTracker, which measures search queries, was used to predict tonights Oscar winners. Here’s the story from PRWEB. It looks like this approach could go down in flames based on Alan Arkin’s Best Supporting Actor win given that he had a … Continue reading

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