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Pipo Nguyen-duy

Pipo Nguyen-duy is one of my table tennis pals, but Pipo is also a great photographer who teaches art at Oberlin in Ohio.   Like many new sites,  Pipo‘s website is not appearing first as it should for the query “Pipo Nguyen-duy”.   Other sites that *reference* Pipo’s art appear before his … Continue reading

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Singularity Talks Online

Several talks from the recent Singularity conference are now online and linked up at the Singularity Institute website.    I just read the transcript of Google’s Peter Norvig who seemed cautious but optimistic.  Norvig is clearly one of the key insiders working in one … Continue reading

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Facebook will rule the world in 33 days! Ummm … not.

Yes, of course Facebook is a great implementation of Social Networking which is undoubtedly the paradigm that will dominate the internet world for at least a few years.  However Facebook is hardly a *new* idea  and it’s hardly immune to other social … Continue reading

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Real Estate prices. Highest to lowest cities show more than a 1000% difference.

Wow, Coldwell Banker is reporting these stats on the most expensive vs cheapest USA markets for a comparable  4 BR house.  I’ve been wondering about this for some time and this indicates clearly the truth of the old maxim in … Continue reading

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1850 bottle of Scotch sets sales record at almost $60,000

A 157 year old Bowmore Scotch sold for almost $60,000, setting a new world scotch record.  My experiences with single malts have been uninspired – so much so that I’m skeptical about most people who claim to have special tastes for good … Continue reading

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Google + Doubleclick? Microsoft cries “Advertiser Monopolizer!”

Dana Baran over at WebGuild blog has a great short article summarizing Microsoft’s case against a Google takeover of Doubleclick.   The chart (from the MS legal team?) has what appears to be an excellent summary of the total online advertising spend.  I assume … Continue reading

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Palm Centro. At $99 the Centro has a great price but still a too-small screen!

Palm’s new phone – the “Centro” – offers a price breakthrough for “higher end” smart phones.  With a mid-october launch date.  My prediction is that this is too little too late from Palm, already struggling to regain a market.     The Treo was … Continue reading

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