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Google sucks at Table Tennis?

I’ve always wanted to play Table Tennis with Sergey Brin at a Google Party because 1) Russians are usually pretty good at Table Tennis and 2) He seems like a cool guy. But this report, indicating that Google sucks at … Continue reading

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Myspace vs Congress

Myspace and other social networking sites won’t be accessible from schools or libraries as a result of  congressional legislation passed a few days ago.   The Myspace ban was a fairly predictable type of response from congress, reflecting increasing concerns … Continue reading

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Ebay vs Yard Sale

I always get nervous when my wife and kids want to run a yard sale. “Be sure to run things through Ebay before you sell them for nothing”, I say with little effect. Luckily this morning I intercepted the 1966 … Continue reading

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Smart move by Yahoo?

Yahoo appears to be expanding their approach to search using humanized contextual information. This may trump Google’s search quality if Google remains as stubborn as it’s been with regard to human interventions.  However I’d guess Google will soon be forced … Continue reading

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Travel Complaint? Tell it to the Donner Party.

Back in Talent at about midnight last night. Sure it’s a long trip from the East Coast but I can’t help but … scoff…  at complaints about modern travel.  I like to say to the travel whiners “tell it to … Continue reading

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Mennonites and Google

The Mennonites are known for their craftsmanship and honest business dealings.   Today, down at a local planing mill it was interesting to watch how important the social negotiation process was to doing business as my uncle and cousin figured out … Continue reading

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Thank god I’m a country boy?

I really cherish my southern roots despite the fact that I’ve never actually *lived* in the south.   We gather every year to celebrate family and prove that blood is thicker than the political, religious, and cultural differences that pop … Continue reading

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