Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources

The world is reeling under the pressure of the Covid Pandemic and the subsequent economic turmoil.

Here I’ll post high quality information resources about the pandemic.  In a future post we’ll address the far reaching future economic issues.

The World Health Organization is the key global body addressing the Pandemic

Wikipedia has an excellent detailed treatment of Coronavirus with extensive links.

The top USA source for COVID and Coronavirus information is the CDC – Centers for Disease Control.

Be sure to AVOID the growing number of disinformation videos, sites, and social media items.   Snopes is an excellent website to check for the veracity of a claim about Coronavirus, COVID-19, or the Pandemic.

The Gates Foundation is currently the target of malicious and uninformed criticism.   It remains one of the world’s greatest charities and is addressing, inventing, and funding solutions to the Pandemic every day.