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Answers = good data + reasonable thinking

It’s always frustrating to make a case that you are thinking clearly where others are not, but I do think it’s reasonable to suggest that most political arguments are NOT valid because they fail the test above.  Good answers come … Continue reading

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Red Meat Study: Eat a burger, lose 37 minutes of life

A new study from Harvard links red meat consumption to health problems and higher mortality.  Although the negative health stuff has been known for some time, this study is more authoritative in terms of large sample and long study period. … Continue reading

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Blog 4 History

One of my old new projects is Blog 4 History, a history website that I’m working on.   Chris, a history teacher, started the blog long ago and it has a lot of great history, especially about the Civil War. … Continue reading

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Juan Gris Google Doodle

Juan Gris was an amazing Spanish surrealist painter, Gris is dead now but he’s celebrated via a Google Doodle at   Now, I can’t really say that I’m a huge Gris fan, or even that I knew who Gris … Continue reading

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Do you ignore the poor or exploit the poor?

There is a small (but I think growing) group of folks who are REALLY working hard to help people.  They neither EXPLOIT the poor nor IGNORE the poor as they seek solutions to the  world’s pressing problems.   The rest … Continue reading

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Blue Brain Project Progress …

Arguably the world’s most significant science project along with DARPA SyNAPSE, Blue Brain is working to create a functioning NeoCortical column (think “how we think”) simulation via a supercomputer. Progress seems pretty steady although DARPA SyNAPSE has been getting a … Continue reading

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