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Mr. Web 2.0 addresses rights to Web 2.0 service mark

Tim O'Reilly returned from vacation to a firestorm of concern and penned this thoughtful reply I thought it was a nicely reasoned, rational reply to the brushfire of angry commentary, but unfortunately did not really address the key concern of … Continue reading

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Fiddling while O’Reilly Rome burns?

Poor Tim O’Reilly. He heads out on vacation and perhaps still unknown to him a firestorm of protest erupts overnight over his company’s decision to fight to protect their ownership of service mark “Web 2.0 Conference”. I’m sure the O’ … Continue reading

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Google v Kinderstart Lawsuit over downranking

Eric Goldman offers his summary of the Google v. Kinderstart lawsuit, and I think he speaks for many online people in his aversion to government regulation of search. However, I'm not as persuaded as he by the Google arguments, which … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 is brought to you by …..

Wow, O'Reilly sure pissed off a bunch of Web 2.0 people fast! My take on the controversy which has become a top Web debate this afternoon, posted at O'Reilly's blog: I've defended O'Reilly's corporate action since clearly Tim coined the … Continue reading

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Cloaking technology for rendering objects invisible coming soon. Romulans to follow?

Just when you were worried about the Romulans winning future wars thanks to their cloaking technology, Science  reports that a technology for developing an invisibility shield that "cloaks" the user by steering light around them is perhaps only months away. … Continue reading

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Death on Everest. Would YOU have stopped climbing to save the guy?

News Item: David Sharp, 34, died apparently of oxygen deficiency while descending from the summit during a solo climb last week. More than 40 climbers are thought to have seen him as he lay dying, and almost all continued to … Continue reading

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Big Profit Eludes – why?

This excellent New York Times article outlines how Myspace evolved from a spammy junk site to one of the internet's top destinations, second only to Yahoo in page views according to several sources.   I remain skeptical Myspace has more … Continue reading

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