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$700,000,000,000 and all I got was this lousy T-ax shirt?

Everybody knows that – regardless of temporary bailout advantages – long term Government spending cuts are imperative to restoring the economy and restoring US prosperity. The two big ticket items in our US budget are Military and Entitlements.   Interest … Continue reading

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Obama Tucson Memorial Speech Transcript

(As Prepared for Delivery) To the families of those we’ve lost; to all who called them friends; to the students of this university, the public servants gathered tonight, and the people of Tucson and Arizona:  I have come here tonight … Continue reading

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Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

A clever but mildly alarming cartoon movie is making it’s viral rounds on the interwebs.  I think it’s a Tea Party hit piece.   My son asked my to watch and comment.   As usual, you get more than you … Continue reading

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Global Warming Effects … Continued

Thanks to the blog Skeptical Science and my pal Waqidi for pointing out a great chart comparing  positive and negative effects of Global Warming with study citations.    Positive stuff on left, negative on right.  Positive       Negative Agriculture … Continue reading

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