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Transhumans of the world … unite!

The Transhumanist Association gathered last month in Chicago to discuss issues relating to the idea that humans are in the process of evolving from organic beings to a sort of machine/organic hybridized animal that will have spectacular mental abilities and … Continue reading

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Living on the fringe?

Why was I thinking that the top two states in population were California and New York?  Must have been an old thought because Texas is second. A bit more wikipediaIzing and I learn that fully half of all Americans live … Continue reading

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A/C does not reduce gas mileage? Cool!

Don’t know how I missed this before but I’ve been assuming that having my A/C on was reducing my gas mileage.    Edmonds tested this  in Dec 2005 and Consumer Reports recently and both concluded that the A/C does not appreciably … Continue reading

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Fred’s not really bankrupt. In fact he’s right on.

I’m beginning to think the VC folks are some of the clearest thinkers out there and Fred’s latest post shows some of that practical no-nonsense thinking about two topics I’m very interested in: Blog comments and Facebook. Fred correctly suggests … Continue reading

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Sweet Land * * * * A Midwestern Masterpiece

Movies like Sweet Land are rare for the same reason they are precious. This is film at it’s best because this is a film that talks about the joys, sorrows, illusion and magic of being … human. Sweet Land also … Continue reading

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The rumors of PodTech’s death may not be greatly exaggerated?

Update:   As far as I know PodTech is doing fine as of December 2007, and the rumors back in July were bogus or exaggerated.   Just heard from John Furrier that PodTech will again host a “bloghaus” at CES, … Continue reading

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Waiting for OnRebate ‘s “no wait” rebate?

Update:  OnRebate replied to this post, and I think that is nice of them. ——————— My son just assembled a new and very fast PC from parts we bought at TigerDirect, but suffering through the rebate submission process is sure … Continue reading

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