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Chelsea King Tragedy

A tragic update.  She was murdered: Chelsea King was last seen out running in San Diego and this appears it may be a stranger abduction.  Help the family find her: There’s a lot of activity on Twitter … Continue reading

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America’s Got Talent, Oregon

The rumors were true.    America’s Got Talent, the hit NBC TV Show, is auditioning talented folks from our area and I think mostly from Talent, Oregon right down the street at the Talent Middle School. My *very talented daughter* … Continue reading

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Blue Brain’s Henry Markram

Blue Brain is, in my opinion, the world’s most interesting project of any kind: Here’s another film that shows the lab in Lausanne, Switzerland along with another Markram interview:

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Recycling Cost vs. Benefits

As I brought in my recycling bin today I thought “well, curbside recycling sure seems like a great innovative idea, a well run program and a clear example of where major change made a positive difference”.     Then I … Continue reading

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Artificial Sociopaths – Will Thinking Machines Go Bad? Not likely!

I’m in a fun email exchange with a bunch of clever folks talking about how “thinking machines” might come to be and might be mean to us so I wanted to post my thoughts about that.   I’m not posting … Continue reading

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Does your Storytelling Trump the Truth?

One of the greatest confusions of my life has been watching otherwise very sharp folks descend into a sort of silly crazed madness – or at least incoherency – with respect to complex topics like politics, economy, global warming, etc. … Continue reading

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