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Grameen Foundation – Microloans WORK

The Grameen Bank was the simple but brilliant innovation in poverty fighting by Muhammad Yunus, who won the Nobel Peace Prize along with the Bank he founded.   The Grameen Bank provides very small loans to women in developing countries … Continue reading

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Politicians are NOT CORRUPT. Deal with it.

(clarification:  I’m talking about the USA here ) As a stark raving political moderate I often find myself incredibly frustrated with the tribal thinking that characterizes most of the political debate.    Most of the claims by even moderate left … Continue reading

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Misguided Environmentalism – Don’t let it happen to YOU!

When ideology gets in the way of feeding people, everybody needs to start shouting “Stop the Madness”.    Try it, it’s cathartic. Mega-philanthropist Bill Gates is no longer busy with Microsoft.  Instead, he’s one of the key people spearheading the … Continue reading

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CES 2010 at Technology Report

Over at the tech blog Technology Report we’ll have a lot of coverage leading up to and through the CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A big thanks to the Aria Resort and Casino and Vdara Hotel.  These amazing … Continue reading

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Is Climate Science on trial again?

The climate debate is entering a new state of confusion that will at least bring some of the fascinating technical issues into the popular press.     The first time this happened was during the congressional hearings featuring the “Hockey … Continue reading

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When Climate Scientists ATTACK

After a few years following some of the technicalities of discussions about global warming I’m glad to report that there’s FINALLY a really nice guantlet thrown and accepted by the authors of two of the key blogs in the discussion, … Continue reading

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