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Home Again Pet ID System? You call this appropriate technology?

Is it just me or is this due for the idiot invention of the year award? HomeAgain® is an advanced pet identification and retrieval system. A microchip – the size of a grain of rice – with a unique identification … Continue reading

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Thank you for Smoking

This excellent film humorously examines the character and foibles of a likeable yet morally vacuous tobacco company spokesperson.   Rather than wrestling with the contradictions he faces raising a young son while strategizing for increased tobacco use, this character rationalizes … Continue reading

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People and/or/for/non Profit?

Time Magazine: Last month Gates-funded scientists announced that they had created the technology to manufacture artemisinic acid synthetically. Within five years, the cost of a lifesaving supply is expected to drop from $2.40 to 25 cents. Lead researcher Jay Keasling … Continue reading

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Darfur and the media

George Clooney deserves a lot of credit for bringing the media back on track about developments in what is arguably the world's most newsworthy and troubled place – Darfur, Sudan.    Unlike Rwanda the media has not ignored Darfur, but as … Continue reading

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Clear and Present Danger

Another great movie I somehow missed until today.   This is a Tom Clancy "Jack Ryan" drama where Harrison Ford must pit wits, honesty, and incredibly lucky odds surviving legions of bad guys with guns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. … Continue reading

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Tipping point of choices leading to actions.

Malcolm Gladwell, the clever author of "Blink" and "The Tipping Point", spoke to Webmasterworld Boston. One observation was that having too many choices can inhibit our actions, as in the case where a company that offered FEWER retirement plans found … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power – More Needed ASAP

Even Senator Kennedy of Mass was on the radio a few days ago saying how we needed to take a new look at expanding the USA's nuclear power framework.  Wow – when Kennedy starts talking nuclear power I think it … Continue reading

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