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In a recent post we talked about Dr. Stephen Hawking’s concerns that we may encounter unfriendly aliens, and the idea that we don’t even want no stinking alien contact around our earth.     I disagreed and to my surprise … Continue reading

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Key of C Coffee Shop in Ashland Oregon

Just thought i’d throw out a post from the Key of C Coffee shop in Ashland Oregon where I was visiting with pal Keith who always has great travel insights – in fact he has a great website for Tuvalu: Nanumea in … Continue reading

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Dear Aliens, please ignore Dr. Stephen Hawking. You are very welcome here anytime.

Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist who brings so much insight to physics, cosmology, and the study of the universe in general, seems to have been spent a bit too much time watching “Independence Day” or ABC’s new TV show “V” … Continue reading

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Dear President Obama. Don’t forget … the debt.

You can feel the budget bucks blowing as unprecedented government spending continues to  1. Fix the immediate problems in the economy  and 2. threatens major future disruptions of the economy and standards of living. Unfortunately the polarization in politics has … Continue reading

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Cuba Votes. But they can’t Choose, Challenge, or Change.

I’m reading about how Cubans are heading to the polls to vote in municipal assembly elections.    Sounds OK at first until you realize that the candidates are … effectively pre screened : Candidates in municipalities across the country are … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg made virtual devices, here brought to you as real devices by the ultimate virtual device mechanism, the internets:

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Are You an Information Addict?

Incredibly, “Information Addiction” is a recognized psychological disorder.    I suppose I can see how somebody could be obsessive in collecting information and how that could interfere with their life, but I’m a little worried that overzealous pseudopsychologists are going … Continue reading

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