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Dvorak on Vista

John Dvorak is not impressed with Vista’s advertising or prospects as a buzz-worthy application, saying the promotional web info … looks like an advertisement for an expensive prescription drug for constipation and suggesting the market impact will not be very … Continue reading

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TechMeme, paid blogging, and Zunes

Lots of interesting tech news today from TechMeme which is starting to distinguish itself as “the place” for tech insiders as Digg and Technorati increasingly seek to cater to a huge audience and Slashdot remains problematic because it’s not as … Continue reading

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Yahoo beats Google at something other than … sports.

Google is closing down it’s answers feature which has been very inferior in performance compared to Yahoo’s and was missing the point in Web 2-point-0. Hey, I pointed this difference out about one year ago.   This is actually a very … Continue reading

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Blogs – why listen to the man when you can listen to the guy sticking it to the man?

Jeremy, over at one of the very best non-official blogs, is noting the challenges of corporate blogging which has been exploding thanks in no small part to the blog evangelizing efforts of another great non-official blogger Robert Scoble. This reminded … Continue reading

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Real Estate or False Estate?

I’d really like to buy some real estate this winter if the price gets right, but it’s a nervous time since prices appear to be on the way down for at least another several months and as I see it … Continue reading

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Bravo Branson

Richard Branson, in this Forbes article, does a fine job of articulating how and why entrepreneurial capitalism and social responsibility can work together in vibrant ways.   Branson recently pledged to give *all profits* from his tranportation companies to projects that … Continue reading

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It’s all about the O

Thanks !    I wanted to get my parents a memory foam mattress topper and Overstock continues to have great prices  –  $79 for  2″ foam.   This is about half the (otherwise good) Costco price for similar stuff.   … Continue reading

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