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Twidiots of the World, Unite!

Twidiots of the World, Unite! Loic LeMeur, the very popular Seesmic Founder, LeWeb Conference Organizer, and Twitter guy suggested improvements to Twitter search that would rank the material by the *authority* of the person writing, and this sparked a nice debate about how to assign value to the massive and constant stream of human commentary at Twitter. I didn’t like that idea: Continue reading

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Identity Crisis!

Identity Crisis for me Originally uploaded by JoeDuck San Jose, CA

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Death of the Media Mogul: Digital Diaspora means …. less for everybody.

As podcasters and webcasters and such try to turn a buck they come up against fixed ad revenues. Ad model is a problem (Note several comments came in based on those two sentences before I finished this post) The main … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

…. and a Happy Holiday time to everybody as well.   I hope today finds you and yours safe, warm, and happy and that 2009 is a prosperous year.

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DIGG Losing Money Despite Huge Traffic

I was floored to see that DIGG, a key darling of Silicon Valley and arguably one of the key forces that has shaped online social media, is losing a lot of money on abysmal revenues. These numbers are from Silicon … Continue reading

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PepCom “Digital Experience” won’t allow many bloggers – this is Pepcom’s idea of promoting technology?

<begin whining rant> Along with CNET’s David Berlind, I am not impressed at all with PepCom and felt compelled to write a bit about why I don’t think they are doing a good job promoting technology at their events which … Continue reading

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Twitter? Priceless. Dell makes a million on Twitter? Meaningless.

As usual there is an *extraordinary* failure in the blogosphere to apply even the simplest reasonable business metrics to a minor event, in this case Dell’s million dollar Twitter “success”. I’m a big fan of Twitter and think it’s great, … Continue reading

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