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Conscious Computers and Friendly vs Unfriendly AI

As I’ve noted here in posts about AI many times I think we are within 15 years – probably fewer – of the most profound change in technology and humanity ever to hit the planet.   This will be the advent … Continue reading

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CESlebrities at CES 2008

Here’s the press release from CES about the celebrities that will be there in official capacities.   I’m under the impression that a lot of celebrity folks also attend just to see what’s up in technology:   What?! No Donny Deutsch?! Arlington, Va., December … Continue reading

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CES 2008 coverage coming soon

The Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2008 – the number one technology event in the world, is coming up fast and I’m excited to go as a first time attendee/press dude.    One of the nice tech blogger press perks is I’m … Continue reading

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Xiamen, China

Update:   I’m going to China in April but will miss SMX China.  Xiamen was harder to get to than I’d originally thought given the rest of our schedule and China contacts are popping up in other places, so the new trip is Hong … Continue reading

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GPS Jesus nabs nativity ne’er-do-well

After several baby Jesus statue thefts over the years, a woman in Florida decided to outfit a nativity scene with GPS tracking located in the statues.  Baby Jesus was nabbed again, but this time police could use the GPS to … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Benazir Bhutto

The tragic murder of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani moderate and champion of democracy, is yet another reminder of the instability in so many parts of our challenged world.  It is not clear to me how other countries will react if Pakistan falls into chaos.  Bhutto’s assassination, and the … Continue reading

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2008 will see a tidal wave of social online activity and applications

My prediction about the evolution of the internet in 2008 is that we will see a lot more excellent applications like Flickr and Picasa to store, organize and share stuff as well as a lot more Twitterfeeds and Tumblrs which … Continue reading

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