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China Visa

It’s about time to get a Visa for the April trip to China.    Hey, this is more than a Passport!   And what’s up with the pricing – $130 for Americans and less for *everybody else*.  Hey, I thought ping pong … Continue reading

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Intel Booth, CES 2008 Pic #225

Intel Booth, CES 2008 Pic #225 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck I’ve posted a lot more of my pictures from CES at Flickr. I was uploading from my Treo before, but these were taken with a decent camera. Intel had one … Continue reading

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Google’s reinclusion nightmare

John Honeck has an excellent piece about the challenges with Google’s site reinclusion process, a virtual nightmare of inconsistency and confusion.     I’ve seen the benefits and pitfalls of good and bad Google rankings and indexing at many sites, and “inconsistency” is the … Continue reading

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Chico the Snow Wonder Dog

TalentSnow2008 024Originally uploaded by JoeDuck We’re not quite sure what Chico the Wonder Dog was thinking, but he’s having fun in our huge Southern Oregon Snowstorm with snow deeper than I’ve seen in 20 years here – about 10 inches … Continue reading

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Current TV filing for $100,000,000 IPO. Initial PE ratio = infinity!

Today Current TV, with Al Gore a prominent investor, is filing for a big IPO.    But there is a problem.   They lost a lot of money “making” their 64 million in revenues last year.     Will they ever be profitable?  Global warming … Continue reading

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Yahoo carnage coming at conference call.

As a Yahoo enthusiast and shareholder it’s been hard to watch the company struggle so hard over the past few years only to lose ground to Google, especially because Yahoo’s social networking efforts and web 2.0 initiatives have in most … Continue reading

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No Country for Old Men * * *

This finely crafted film has been judged by many to be a masterpiece, but I think this over-rating is simply because it offers a “different” approach to the genre – something critics who have seen far too many films enjoy a lot more … Continue reading

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