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Climate Change Projected Impacts from IPCC 4

As the climate debates continue we see an interesting – and familiar – pattern.   Even as most now claim to accept the premise that “disaster is looming”, few are willing to take the steps needed to prevent that disaster. … Continue reading

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What do I want for Christmas? General Artificial Intelligence.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence (or even just philosophy) you’ll enjoy the discussion over at and Ieee Spectrum about new computer chips that many researchers believe are a big step towards conscious computers. Although it would take … Continue reading

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COOL IT: The Movie

Climatic clear thinker Bjorn Lomborg strikes again with a new film, “COOL IT”, based on his book of the same name.  Blog post: Lomborg’s points, which suggest we need to address problems like global warming and global poverty more rationally, … Continue reading

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