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Yahoo Buyout Rumor – this one is real

The faulty Times of London rumor over the weekend about a pending major Yahoo search deal with Microsoft was likely spawned in part by what appear to be correct reports that Jonathan Miller, former CEO of AOL, has been working … Continue reading

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Microsoft to Aquire Yahoo Search for 20 Billion… or not?

While the Times of London is reporting that Microsoft is close to announcing a Yahoo search aquisition at 20 billion with a slew of details suggesting they have a lot of inside information, Venture Beat is suggesting this might be … Continue reading

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Who is clicking at your online business door?

Back in July I missed this great post by Dave Morgan at AOL but thanks to Danah Boyd’s post it has surfaced again.    The findings are very surprising and very relevant to anybody running click or online advertising campaigns.   Dave … Continue reading

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How Artificial is your Intelligence?

This is Jabberwacky, winner of the top Artificial Intelligence award. More artificial intelligence bots are at this AI link, showcasing several programs that are designed to communicate as a human would communicate. While Jabberwacky makes extensive use of user input … Continue reading

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HBO Comedy Festival and Comic Relief in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas you always have to re-orient yourself to being in a major center of the entertainment world. This week Caesar’s Palace is hosting the HBO Comedy Festival with a lot of household name comics, though major headliner Dave … Continue reading

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Time Warner to Google: We spell your merger “SueTube”. Battelle to TW: Lookout!

John Battelle thinks Time Warner is mistaken to attack Google on copyright, writing over at Searchblog: a shot across the bow may bring a broadside from the other side I usually agree with John Battelle but I don’t really follow … Continue reading

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Prediction: Google will buy Facebook for about 1.1 billion

Irrational exuberance in the dot com shopping aisles? No, it’s a chess game and Google’s winning….again. I’m really starting to understand what seems like irrational exuberance on the part of Google and the major players. A Google aquisition of Facebook … Continue reading

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