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Add Flickr Photos to WordPress Blog

I think I’ve blogged this problem before, but given how great it is to post Flickr photos to a blog (even those from others with credit automatically linked), I think I need to repeat this.    My problem after setting … Continue reading

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Life Created from Synthetic DNA = WoW

This is an OLD video from Craig Venter speaking at the TED Conference.    Today he announced that his team has done it.   Amazing.

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Misplaced compassion … kills

One of the most obvious things I assert is also the thing that bothers people the most.   It’s that most of us tend to fret or show  compassion over trivial or questionable things while we ignore the catastrophic circumstances … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg’s Right. We are dumb ***s. Death of Privacy should be Birth of Transparency

Another mini Facebook Firestorm has come from old messages that suggest Mark Zuckerberg really doesn’t care much about protecting user privacy.   For those of you who think there is much care about privacy in any online sector,  I have … Continue reading

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“Open File” Windows Tip for Regular Folks

Something that always amazes me in the computer world is how poorly many “computer experts” understand how poorly most regular folks understand common computer tasks. Today’s tip is how to avoid that incredibly pesky tendency of Windows to open the … Continue reading

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