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Twitter as Emergency Broadcasting Network?

When the Tsunami struck  SE Asia, killing huge numbers of people, I was struck by how poorly information flowed in that region.   Scientists viewing pacific ocean irregularities seemed to be alarmed, but I understand it generally takes up to … Continue reading

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CES 2011 Party List … Begins!

CES 2011 Party UPDATES HERE     CES Party List for Technology Report’s ***   CES 2011 Coverage *** IMPORTANT:   Almost all the parties at CES are “Invitation Only” and the procedure varies from party to party.    Bloggers … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast … Mobile

Good time to review a few projects I’m associated with or working on now, and thank folks (esp. FoolsGold) for the many excellent suggestions provided over the years to improve the websites. Over at the Online Highways empire we’re working … Continue reading

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Global Warming Effects

Many poo poo the idea that we are likely to adapt fairly easily to global warming changes because they are so tiny and take place over such a long period.     However I have seen very few well reasoned … Continue reading

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DMOs on Twitter

Here’s a list of Destination Marketing Organizations I found at   I alphabetized them and converted to hyperlinks to make a really useful tool if you need to contact an area regarding travel.      DMOs are usually the … Continue reading

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Database Connection Strings

I wanted to post this to help others who have run into trouble with the message along the lines of “Cannot Establish Database Connection”.   This can happen for several reasons but usually the fix is fairly easy – you … Continue reading

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Medical Traveling and other sites back up and on better server

Drama here at the mini web empire over the past few days.   I was critical of Godaddy for taking down several of my sites after an advertising traffic surge of about 9800 unique visits to the new medical tourism … Continue reading

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