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Stop Torturing Obama’s Torture Policies

Over at President Picker I have posted my view on Obama’s Torture Policy.    I think it’s a good policy.   Comment over there please if you want to express yourself.

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David Brooks on Different Economic Points of View

David Brooks of the New York Times is one of my very  favorite thinkers – he’s a calm and intellectual conservative who manages to maintain a great deal of respect for the reality of the sweeping political changes before us, … Continue reading

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Dear WordPress – Now that you own Intense Debate, please get Intense Debate Comments going at WordPress hosted blogs.

Problem:  Cannot install Intense Debate at WordPress hosted blogs The internet is a funny place, usually interesting, always provocative, and often frustrating.     In typical internet fashion after learning about how nice it would be to have the  “Intense Debate” comment … Continue reading

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A simple solution for looming credit card problems? End the usury.

President Obama’s promising to work on the next looming financial crisis – credit card debt.    As Americans face the finanacial hardships from crisis ONE it appears we may have crisis TWO coming right up, which is unsustainable levels of consumer … Continue reading

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Of course we are not alone in the universe, but not for the reasons suggested by most UFO enthusiasts.

I can’t tell you how much I wish the UFO stories were all true.   In fact I’d be thrilled if even *one* of them was a credible story.   But they aren’t.  It’s very, very unlikely that even a single … Continue reading

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Afghanistan & Pakistan Tribal Conflicts

Leave it to the BBC to come up with an excellent  summary of the situation along the Pakistan / Afghanistan border where the USA is about to invest a lot more blood and treasure in the fight with the Taleban … Continue reading

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Our Symbiotic Economy

In biology there are several kinds of relationships between animals where one or both benefit from the interactions. This obviously happens in economic relationships as well. Something I have wondered about for some time is the size of what we … Continue reading

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