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My Powerset Post is now HERE at Technology Report

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Google: Taking the computing out of your computer. Good for Google.

Google’s increasingly clever and bold initiatives to help people cope with virtual “paperwork” underscore their brilliancy in providing a simple and highly productive computing environment that is *not very dependent* on your own computer or your own computer skills. Google … Continue reading

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Online Advertising Primer from Google

This post “Advertising Primer” has moved to Technology Report

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Conversational Marketing is an Oxymoron

Well, I don’t think I’m going to be invited to speak at the upcoming Conversational Marketing conference by FM. I wrote the note below to John Battelle and I think it summarizes my feelings about why I think Conversational Marketing … Continue reading

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People Ready for conversational marketing please disclose yourself, or better yet just go away.

OK, Tony‘s got the great analysis of the trainwreck caused by what Federated Media is calling “the birth of conversational marketing”. He’s pointed out that this is not about the integrity of the individual bloggers involved, rather the hypocrisy and … Continue reading

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People Ready to shill for Microsoft are:

I’m leaving the list above blank because it is an exaggeration to impugn the integrity of the folks who participated in the Microsoft “People Ready” campaign as part of what campaign creator Federated Media is calling “the birth of conversational … Continue reading

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Chico the Wonder Dog

Christmas 2006 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. Chico the Wonder Dog is a fine fellow and deserves another post, partly because he’s fallen to number two in the Google rankings for “Chico the Wonder Dog” when clearly he deserves to be … Continue reading

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