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PDF won’t print on Lexmark

Wow, I just spent an hour troubleshooting only to realize the problem was not printer ink or settings so much as the IRS PDF file which was not printing for me. I got it to work by printing in standard and … Continue reading

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Why do blogs suck? A Blogging Revolution Needed?

Wait, no, I love blogs and blogging!    However several folks in the  blog echo-chamber are suggesting correctly that there are problems with this  echo-chamber and problems with the many “me too” posts out there by people who want to be in TechMeme or otherwise get linked.     I … Continue reading

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Shanghai Travel Tips

Great list from Tang Dynasty Travel: Here’s a blog by a local from Shanghai, written for travelers to the city:

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Craigslist hoax computer found and taken by police

Jacksonville Oregon: Local media is reporting they have found and taken the computer that was probably used to post the prank Craigslist hoax advertisement that led to a large property theft in Jacksonville about a week ago.    However no charges have been filed … Continue reading

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World’s largest cities

Largest city is hard to define, but I think metro area population is the best measure and according to Wikipedia these are the top ten: 1 Tokyo Japan 32,450,000 8,014 4,049 2 Seoul South Korea 20,550,000 5,076 4,048 3 Mexico … Continue reading

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ASUS eee PC desktop. Wow, looks very cool.

Here are some unofficial picures of the upcoming ASUS eee PC desktop.   I’m very happy with my mini eee PC so far, impressed with how well it is designed and especially with the 2 poundness which means I can take … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Travel Tips

Thanks to some advice from Matt at Cutler Investments I’ve started a great list of things to do in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.     I’m also reading guidebooks and surfing but it’s always best to talk to experience travelers (or … Continue reading

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