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Obama’s 2012 Military Budget Request: $671 Billion

[summary info source – US National Guard Article] The president is asking Congress for $671 billion for FY2012 $553 billion DOD “base budget”plus $118 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Military personnel account for $142.8 billion of the base budget. … Continue reading

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[updated – CARDILLY is FRAUD and NOT a legitimate business – Gift Cards NOT Received, Cardilly Security Certificate has been REVOKED.

DO NOT USE Cardilly.   GeoTrust has revoked their certificate.    Cardilly is a scam. These clowns went under the name of “SG Marketing” operating via a bank probably in Etobicoke, Canada.     Note that there appear to be … Continue reading

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[updated] Cardilly is NOT a legitimate business. Security Certificate REVOKED. DO NOT buy from Cadilly! is either a scam or has a very unusual social media strategy going, since much of the buzz about Cardilly is very negative right now with many people insisting it’s a scam.   I think it’s probably NOT a … Continue reading

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The Civil War costs and benefits suggest Lincoln was wrong.

I’ve just finished watching Ken Burns “The Civil War” and (as usual) I think I’d argue a very unusual position in terms of what the North and South “should” have done given the massive cost in lives and prosperity and … Continue reading

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USA Debt Rating Downgrade to AA+ is from our failure to cut defense and entitlements

S&P’s decision to downgrade the US debt rating from AAA to AA+ is very unwelcome news but it should not surprise anybody, especially in Washington where neither party has been willing to tackle the deficit or the debt in a … Continue reading

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