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Yahoo, Right Media, and the right idea about advertising

Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO, is optimistic about Yahoo’s purchase of Right Media, an advertising network. This, with Google’s recent aquisition of DoubleClick, may be the beginning of the end for agencies specializing in online (and eventually even offline) advertising as … Continue reading

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Black Holes = Worm Holes = Dimensional portals to new universe? Maybe….

You’ve got to love it when highly respectable, real science collides with science fiction as in this recent study suggesting that black holes may actually be worm holes that connect our universe to others. This appears to be consistent with … Continue reading

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Duh…. you believe in Vudu?

No offense to Vudu but it’s not going to play in Peoria. Vudu appears to be a brilliant innovation in movie downloading, partly because it allows the user to start watching the show immediately and thus offers true “on demand” … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men … and mouses brains

IBM has just simulated half of a mouse brain on a supercomputer. The significance of this research cannot be overestimated, as projects like this are very likely to lead to the next state in human evolution itself – human-like artificial … Continue reading

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Another victim of Google’s cleverness? Zunch Marketing goes belly up.

I don’t know Zunch, but I’d argue that it’s generally good riddance when overpriced fancy SEM firms go belly up. As Google creates easier, better, and cheaper ways to do great in-house SEM (e.g. Analytics and PPC management) it’s not … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 adapter for Grandparents is needed.

Don has a very insightful look at trends in Web 2.0 based on a couple of recent conference experiences.  What I found particularly interesting was the graph which correctly noted the large missing link in Web 2.0, which is a … Continue reading

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Privacy, Google, Sex, Lies, ISPs, and Query String Theory

Matt’s  got a great post and comment section going on the issue of online privacy.   His point is well taken – Google stores less information about you than most other players online and your ISP is the place that has … Continue reading

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