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America’s Wild Rivers Coast

One of the reasons I really love to live in Oregon is the Oregon Coast. “America’s Wild Rivers Coast” is a regional branding effort to point out the beauty and attractions of the southern part of the Oregon Coast and … Continue reading

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Obama’s ONE mistake may be his ONLY mistake, but it’s still a BIG mistake.

How is Obama doing?   I remain a big fan of how Obama has approached international diplomacy, basically speaking softly without putting down the carrots and big stick that America probably needs to wield to avoid international meltdowns.   (We … Continue reading

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Climate Common Sense: Adapt

Another wonderfully insightful, common sense, non-alarmist discussion from Bjorn Lomborg in his “Cars, Bombs, and Climate Change” If we are to have a constructive dialogue about the smartest policy responses to global warming, we need to replace our fixation on … Continue reading

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The Multiverse Redux Redux Redux

The rumors are true, and they are jaw dropping.     Mainstream physics is moving ever closer to describing the universe as an infinite number of *other* universes, all of which are out of our own frame of reference.   … Continue reading

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Business Power of Social Media cannot be overstated

I was watching a brief “internet marketing” bit suggesting how small businesses were spending too much money (! ?) on social media efforts when they should be focusing on their websites and using social media primarily to drive people to … Continue reading

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