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ASIMO Demo at Disneyland’s Innoventions

This ASIMO DEMO post has moved to Technology Report

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Hal, please open the pod bay door ….. Hal? Hal?

Hal, please open the pod bay door ….. Hal? Hal? Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. Disneyland Innoventions exhibit had a few glimpses into future technology, though the pace of change is now so fast that I think they have trouble capturing … Continue reading

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Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard

Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. This was Sunday, Monday was Disneyland, and today we spent the morning over at a BIG sound stage built for the film “Semi Pro”. Mostly just sitting around while the director … Continue reading

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Doc Searls on Newspaper Survival

This is Doc Searls great prescription for ailing newspapers, which are threatened with extinction as online activity trumps all things offline. However I’m not holding my breath. It was recently pointed out (can’t remember the source) that almost no innovation … Continue reading

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Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Manns Chinese Theatre Originally uploaded by Jon_W. Hey, you won’t see us in this picture because I *erased* about 50 pix I took here and along the walk of fame today. Thanks to Jon_W for taking a better pic than … Continue reading

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Wisdom of Crowds

This Article  is an excellent summary of the wisdom of crowds idea and of several online projects trying to leverage that wisdom in practical or profitable ways.

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Google Advertising Rumor

I really appreciate Robert Scoble‘s great insights but I’m skeptical of the party rumor he cited today that suggests this about Google Advertising: … fewer ads mean less revenue SHORT TERM. But long term the advertising revenue actually goes up. … Continue reading

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