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YaAOLhoo? Are you kidding?

The Times of London is, I think, exaggerating a rumor that Yahoo and AOL might merge in an effort to find off the Microsoft takeover of Yahoo.      I don’t even think this is necessarily a bad idea if you made sure … Continue reading

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Microsoft v. Yahoo. They can’t seem to make an offer Yahoo can’t refuse.

The big tech story remains the Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo, and on Wednesday a meeting at the Yahoo’s HQ in Sunnyvale, CA may seal the deal, though it’s more likely that negotiations will continue for some time after that meeting. Microsoft … Continue reading

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Blodget: US Economy is Screwed

Market watcher Henry Blodget is not optimistic about the US Economy.   He notes that advertising spending already appears to be threatened by the slowdown, and he seems to think this will hit everybody from mainstream media companies to technology/media stocks like Google.  As … Continue reading

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Yahoo! WAKE UP!

It’s very frustrating being a Yahoo shareholder. Not because Yahoo isn’t a good company, in fact Yahoo is a *great* company. Not because Yahoo doesn’t seem to “get it”, Yahoo arguably “gets it” better than almost all other companies in … Continue reading

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Blodget: Microsoft implying they may be poised to buy Yahoo

Henry Blodget’s got an interesting take on the recent UBS talk by Microsoft where they suggested a plan to capture “30-40%” of the search market over the next several years.  Although the literal reading of this does not seem to … Continue reading

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