Gadgets – the desktop revolution begins

One of the best sessions at Mashup Camp 2  was Adam Sah’s “Google Gadgets” which outlined how rapidly gadgets are sweeping onto the desktop.   These were formerly called Google Widgets but Adam told me they have been renamed to avoid confusion.  Yahoo “confabulator” concept has a nice ring….but….perhaps some term standardization is called for here.    Apple can keep the widget idea because… they are Apple.
Gadgets are sweeping onto the desktop.    At MIX06 the MS Live team was also very bullish on the concept and has been developing a desktop and OS environment that will rely heavily on people populating their desktop with gadgets.     Although many of these are “whimsical” in nature, the number of functional gadgets is growing very fast.  I think this is the coming “battleground” – or at least a coming very fertile ground – for those vying for eyeballs.    In the meantime it’s a great way to customize the desktop easily.

Portland Airport PDX has free WIFI

Hey California – Oregon’s got it’s act together, so get with the free Airport WIFI program!       Google will pay for it, right?   I’m at PDX in Portland enjoying another free wifi airport.   PDX correctly lists local tourism and travel resources at the login page which is something we really need to do at Medford.  Those listings can then pay for the fees needed to run the free WIFI.   Advertising continues to fuel internet innovation.

Have you thanked an advertiser today?

MFR Medford Airport has Free WIFI.

Here I am waiting for the PDX flight and thanks to some clever visionary I’ve got a good wireless connection that is …. free.     Free wireless airports = pure goodness.  $9.95  wireless Airports = bad badness.

I guess I should thank *myself* and SOVA since we pushed so hard for this when we installed the byways and travel touch kiosk travel info system here a few years ago, but mostly I credit the MFR Airport’s great directory Bern for seeing the need and benefits, and Hunter Communications for setting up the system.