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Bud Light Hardbat Classic at The Venetian in Las Vegas

The Hardbat Classic Table Tennis Ping Pong rumors are not only true, they are truly Table Tennis and it’s going to be Vegas, baby! I’ll be competing in the Bud Light Hardbat Classic which starts this Friday at the spectacular … Continue reading

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New, Major Climate Change Report Published

This report out of Copenhagen is the most important climate update statement since the IPCC report process that is now undergoing revision.    The tone is alarming though I remain very confused by this because I’m more familiar than ever with … Continue reading

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Twitter is playing a significant role in the Iran Political Crisis

Until recently critics of Twitter were quite reasonably skeptical of claims that Twitter significantly influenced the US election or that Twitter was bringing more than trivial bits of real time news to the web, but the Iranian Election shows how … Continue reading

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Future of Education Part II

In the coming years people are likely to experience the most profound transformation in all of history.  The  event is often called “The singularity” because it’s very hard to know what will happen after the the ongoing fast rise in … Continue reading

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The ONE MILLIONTH word in the English language is …. wait for it …. Web 2.0!

A language monitoring group linked here says that “Web 2.0” is now in common parlance and is English’s one millionth word. There seems to be some controversy surrounding the announcement. I can only imagine two balding and bespectacled linguists duking … Continue reading

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Future of Education Part I

My dad  (a retired Education Professor from NY State) asked for my view on technology and education in 200 words so I thought I’d post it here too.  Feel free to chime in with your views – I’d love to … Continue reading

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Social Word of Mouth Marketing

As social networking explodes on the scene I’m wondering about legitimate vs questionable marketing tactics that involve one’s social network.   Here at the JoeDuck blog I’ve avoided advertising (though I have taken a few liberties with posts that help rank … Continue reading

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