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The Singularity … will return after this message from our sponsor?

First, note that I’m a big fan of the concept of “The Singularity” and of Ray Kurzweil, the brilliant technological evangelist who is creating a film to introduce the concept, The Singularity is Near. However I find it more than … Continue reading

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Brain enhancement through technology – just say YES!

Over at Read Write Web, The most excellent Marshall Kirkpatrick was suggesting and continues to think that connecting our brains to the internet – things like Internet Brain Implants – are a bad idea. As much as I don’t like to … Continue reading

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Future of Education Part II

In the coming years people are likely to experience the most profound transformation in all of history.  The  event is often called “The singularity” because it’s very hard to know what will happen after the the ongoing fast rise in … Continue reading

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Singularity University

Singularity University is the first major academic effort to study the acceleration of technological change. many believe will lead to the most profound changes the world has ever seen, first in the form of conscious computing and then perhaps as … Continue reading

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Mashup Camp and Convergence08

Looking forward to two upcoming conferences – Mashup Camp and the very first Convergence 08 conference. Mashup Camps have been coming to Mountain View for over two years, bringing great startups for their product launches as well as lively discussions … Continue reading

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Computer Reads Minds, World Yawns

One of the fun parts of hanging out in the technology world is getting a good sense of the next big thing before folks really tune into how significant the next big thing will be.   I remember about 12 years … Continue reading

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IEEE Magazine on the Singularity

Get ready for a *lot* more talk about the technological singularity. IEEE Magazine has several articles this month about what many believe will be the most profound change in the history of humans: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/singularity Update: See, what did I tell … Continue reading

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