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Google: A Trillion URLs and counting

The Google blog notes how huge the web is now, with Google indexing over a trillion unique URLs.  As they note in the article the actual number of indexable URLs is, in one sense, infinite.    For example calendar pages will … Continue reading

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Adobe Air – offline to online is good

Adobe is launching an application that will allow people to work offline on forms and other content which will then automatically be posted to websites when they go back online.   This is an excellent “transitional” application because many users still have … Continue reading

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Gutenberg + 550 years = Our ADDd Internet

John Naughton, writing in the Guardian, has a nice piece about the reading revolution inspired by Gutenberg and the uncertain future of our online equivalents to the books we have held dear for several centuries.  Studies are noting how fleeting … Continue reading

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Google’s knol project

Google’s about to launch yet another clever idea.  Called knol, it will feature authoritative articles about any topic which will use community rating and input.    It will be interesting to see how this project compares to the excellent community produced … Continue reading

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Lessing’s “curmudgeonly missteps” should be forgiven. Close the book and open the internet.

Jeff Gomez over at the Print is Dead blog has the best piece I’ve read so far about Nobel prize winner Doris Lessing’s mild attack on the internet.    Lessing’s comments were buried in an otherwise inspiring story about the power of … Continue reading

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Who is clicking at your online business door?

Back in July I missed this great post by Dave Morgan at AOL but thanks to Danah Boyd’s post it has surfaced again.    The findings are very surprising and very relevant to anybody running click or online advertising campaigns.   Dave … Continue reading

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Mossberg on Amazon’s Kindle book reader – just fair.

Bloggers roundly panned the Kindle a few weeks ago during it’s launch, and then Amazon sold out of them almost immediately.  However many (including me) suspect they just didn’t build that many.   Given the negative initial reactions from so many, … Continue reading

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