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Hot Air and the CO2 Problem

A few years ago I felt compelled to learn a lot more about global climate change because I kept hearing about all the pending climate caused catastrophes looming just over the horizon. Hearing this not just from poorly informed journalists … Continue reading

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To Eat or Not to Eat, THAT is the question

I’m trying to attain a BMI of 24.9 so I can rest a little easier knowing I’m at less risk for the various unhappy consequences of being overweight.    The doctor didn’t seem concerned last time I talked to him … Continue reading

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Got Happy? Harvard Study suggests seven factors that predict personal happiness and well being

From the Atlantic – thanks to Tommo for pointing it out! What allows people to work, and love, as they grow old? By the time the Grant Study men had entered retirement, Vaillant, who had then been following them for … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Pandemic deaths in USA: 1 Other USA Flu Deaths: 36,000

Update:  The 2009/2010  H1N1 Swine Flu season is more severe than last year when I wrote this post, though the statistics haven’t shaken out yet.  My current take is that while initial concerns may have been overblown we are *now* … Continue reading

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Mr. President: This budget won’t work.

I remain a fan of President Obama but it has been painful to watch him and congress move to adopt the most reckless example of massive and excessive government spending since the founding of our remarkable American experiment.    The founders … Continue reading

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The world’s most important “to do” list: The Copenhagen Consensus

The Copenhagen Consensus is arguably the world’s most rational approach to Government spending.    The group, which includes many luminaries in economics, science, and development, reviews many approaches to making the world a better place and ranks them in terms of … Continue reading

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Sergey Brin is Blogging

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has just started a new blog which promises to offer some interesting insights into one of the most influential people in the technology world. His first post details something incredibly personal – Brin’s predisposition to Parkinson’s … Continue reading

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