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Blog Revolution Needed?

I think I’m too lazy to start the blog revolution some of us were carping about last year, but I hope somebody else does it. Update: Jim Kukral says the Revolution is over!    I think he’s way too optimistic. Marshall … Continue reading

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Blog Revolution Note XXIV

At SoundBiteBlog I stumbled (or rather twitter-comment-followed) an excellent post about how much the poisonous / ranting writing styles of many blogs help them succeed.   The author wonders if nice blogs can finish first … The short answer is “sure”.  A good example is Matt … Continue reading

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Another shot in the Blog Revolution? Few links if by land and none if by sea.

Louis Gray is rightfully pissed off at the way Mashable, a major tech blog, did not properly handle some stories written by Gray.   Basically they under-attributed Gray’s reporting of Robert Scoble’s PodTech departure.   I’m not familiar enough with Mashable to know if Gray is reasonable … Continue reading

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