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Zakaria vs Hannity

Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s excellent new show Global Public Square, is debating Sean Hannity today on Hannity’s America.   The topic appears to be Hannity’s insistence that “America is the greatest country on earth” and as far as I … Continue reading

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Lomborg on Zakaria GPS: Painfully Correct Thinking

More kudos to Zakaria’s GPS on CNN for bringing key global thinkers to the news table. Today GPS featured Bjorn Lomborg, a figure who is controversial for the very simple reason that he has challenged sacred cows with common sense. … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria’s GPS on CNN

There’s a new show on CNN called GPS for “Global Public Square” and despite the dumb name the show, hosted by Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek, is brilliant – exactly the kind of dialog Americans need to hear as we face … Continue reading

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CNN’s Anchor Desk blog – a great idea

Anderson Cooper is one of my favorite reporters because he’s sharp and pays a lot of attention to the critical issues in the developing world.  He’s also got a great feature at his show AC 360, which is a blog … Continue reading

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Will work for free WIFI: The New Journalism?

Scott Karp has a nice post today about the intersection of journalism and blogging.    I’m glad he notes the weakness of the argument that bloggers cannot be journalists.   Suggesting mainstream journalism is on firm and high ground is especially absurd in this world where yellow journalism generally … Continue reading

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