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Breaking News or Broken News?

This silly Reuters article suggests that a recent Twitter episode suggests that Twitter has attained some significance as a news mechanism. I’m a huge fan of Twitter and use it regularly and think it’s representative of a lot of interesting online social trends, but (unlike normal blogging) Twitter microblogging is hardly a threat to journalism and probably will never be a threat. Continue reading

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Will work for free WIFI: The New Journalism?

Scott Karp has a nice post today about the intersection of journalism and blogging.    I’m glad he notes the weakness of the argument that bloggers cannot be journalists.   Suggesting mainstream journalism is on firm and high ground is especially absurd in this world where yellow journalism generally … Continue reading

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TechMeme still Rulez!

[Following is this is a revision of a post I did over at WebGuild.org – the Silicon Valley social networking and tech education group] .  For bloggers, Gabe Rivera’s TechMeme has become a top technology watering hole, ranking and finding great blog posts and tracking the discussions … Continue reading

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