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The Illusion of Relevance

I’m not a big fan of the human intellect.      In fact I think one of the most obvious points in science – too rarely addressed – is how inadequately evolution has prepared us for the challenges of modern … Continue reading

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9 killings over the weekend. In Iraq? No, Chicago.

As somebody who believes that real math and reason should govern our perceptions about the world, it is difficult to reconcile how people become almost obsessively concerned with certain categories of death or destruction while ignoring others. For example regardless of how you view … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart for Nobel Peace Prize!

Wow, this clever article by John Tierny  in New York Times Op-Ed (what a great news source now that the paywall is down!) suggests maybe the Nobel Peace Prize should go to Wal-Mart for lifting more people out of poverty … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ Critics – they just can’t handle the truth!

I get so tired of reading the innane drivel criticizing Bill Gates’ excellent vision of global prosperity through more innovative approaches to global capitalism.    Gates is right on, and this should be obvious to those who care about capitalism OR who care … Continue reading

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