Medical Travel and Tourism – the logo is … in!

Medical Tourism Blog

The rumors are true – Medical Travel and Tourism, my new blog about that very interesting industry, is now complete.     I’m always very happy with the great logos I get at

The inspiration for finally getting a Medical Travel blog going came from Thailand’s travel / medical blog contest which is in the process of choosing twelve folks to go on a “fam tour” of the Thailand Medical Tourism industry.    I’m one of 68 entries and they are only picking 12 to go, so fingers remain crossed until the announcement on November 8th.     I’d miss Thanksgiving in favor of reporting on colonoscopies, plastic surgery, and great Thai Food and hospitality but hey, isn’t that what blogging is all about?     This would also give me a chance to add Thailand to the Online Highways country list.

The good news is that even if I don’t get to go I’m *still* going to get great food and travel adventures in Vietnam when we head over there for most of February, as well as build out a country website for Online Highways.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism – where folks travel to other countries to obtain medical care  – has always intrigued me both as an economic and travel subject.    I’ve generally heard glowing reports about folks who have travelled to Thailand for procedures like lasik and colonoscopies which  are done there for a fraction of US costs in hospitals that are like resort hotels.    As US health costs continue to skyrocket and continue to be far more than the cost of comparable care in other countries, the idea of combining fun and health becomes more and more appealing.     I’m even considering this idea for my trip to Vietnam in January.

Surprising to me was this report about the Medical Travel Industry which suggested how common it is for folks to travel to the USA for care.    The report also suggested that currently there may be some exaggeration of the number of people travelling overseas for care since some statistics include emergency and expatriat care in foreign hospitals.

Thanks to a blogging contest sponsored by the good folks at the Tourism Authority of Thailand I’m going to put some time into this topic, hoping to get better informed and maybe even be chosen to participate in the “fam tour” where bloggers will travel to Thailand to see several cities and facilities that represent this new and rapidly growing approach to medical care.

I’m starting a new page called “Medical Tourism” and will be adding to that content over the next few months.

Update:   Who needs a page when you can start a NEW Medical Tourism blog?     I’ve done that here.