Philadelphia Wireless Resurrection and the Philly Cheesesteak Connection

The largest city wireless project in the USA (and the world?) is in Philly, and was just revived by an investment consortium after being nearly abandoned by Earthlink due to poor signal quality and only 6000 subscriber signups (despite the zero cost where profits will come from advertising).    Google’s Mountain View project never took off the way people thought it might.  

Attribution for story idea goes to Reuters.   Hey, wait, I don’t have to give attribution for a story *idea*, but I’m trying to provide extra attribution in line with my concerns that the AP boycott is distracting bloggers from their responsibility to stop doing so much leeching of stories from AP, Reuters, and other mainstream legacy media outlets not to mention other bloggers. 

So, I’m linking AGAIN to Reuters and AGAIN!  BAM!     BAM!   

My gut take on citywide WIFI is that a good quality signal with good bandwidth is the key, along with a *single* really good advertising salesperson who is also an internet evangelist.   Once local businesses wake up to how much most of them are missing the boat on the internet marketing (preferrring to squander too much on yellow page and other print ads), city WIFI ads should practically sell themselves. 

 People don’t mind advertising all that much – look for example at pretty much all internet, all broadcast TV, and much of Cable TV right now.    PBS doesn’t have advertising?   Nonsense!   Those interminable and lame pledge breaks and increasingly aggressive “not advertising” sponsor bits are the equivalent of advertising to anybody but the most nitpicking PBS volunteer.     Not to mention that the specials shown during the pledge sessions are often specifically designed to get more pledges. 

Citywide WIFI?   Free.   Advertising Philly Cheesesteaks on Philadelphia’s Citywide WIFI?    Priceless.




Fear of Wi-Flying? Bah and Humbug!

This SILLY article suggests several unlikely scenarios where on board WIFI, a superb innovation coming to several airlines, will be a nuisance.   Loud talking on phones?   Porn surfers?    Well, maybe, but I think this is one of the *billions* of examples where having more broadband access makes a better, not worse, world.    Has he bothered to note how much these things are problems at airports with free WIFI like Las Vegas or Portland, Oregon?     They are NOT problems.

Looking for the gray cloud on the silvery lining of ubiquitous broadband reminds me of the early days of the internet (ahhh – those were the days back in, what….the 1990s?)  when people would explain to me how they didn’t really need email addresses and business websites because this was a passing fad or a “tech thing”.    It didn’t help much to explain that the internet is not about technology, rather it is about people, and that they’d be online very soon.     Now of course everybody is online, but the reporters are explaining to us (again) how all this technology puts us all at great social and personal peril. 

No, it doesn’t.  Get over it, and move on.   You cannot cheer enough for innovation and ubiquitous broadband.   We’ll have it eventually and it’s better to have it sooner not later. 

Hmmm – speaking of Airlines and Airports here’s my Airport Codes website.