Yahoo Bing Search Update

UPDATE:  Hypothesis appears DISproved.  After under an hour Google has correctly posted’s coverage of this issue “yahoo bing search” ahead of’s  at Google Blog  Search.  This is the RIGHT answer.   Good work Google!


(( This is mostly an SEO test post – please ignore or read at your peril.   If you were looking for a political argument, please see other posts ))

OK, so the “real” and  meatier post is over here:  Yahoo / Bing Search Update, but I predict Google is going to index this one way above that one for the reasons I discuss …. over there!      JoeDuck is an old site and has a lot more Google Authority than Technology Report , so even though I’ve got a picture of over there of me  hanging with no less than Google CEO Eric Schmidt,  I’m thinking this one will get a much higher rank for “Yahoo Bing Search” than the real post at Technology Report which is far more insightful and relevant than this one.     Hmmm.