Cisco to Apple – leggo of my iPhone!

Well, at least Cisco didn’t come out fighting right away. They waited what – 24 hours – before suing Apple over the iPhone name? Ha!

These suits are always interesting because obviously Apple has legions of legal people who knew about what the legions of Cisco legal people were thinking. So I assume it’s mostly posturing to get a maximum payoff in court.

I won’t start fretting until I ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up and they say: “A big corporate trademark attorney so we can posture for the big bucks!”.

More about iPhone  and the euphonically charged litigation

iPhone – well, maybe it’s NOT so great after all?

Ha – yesterday the raves came in about Apple’s new phone and now some of the ranting has begun. Always insightful Paul Kedrosky suggests that there may be a few key problems, though on balance I’d have to say I think the key innovation here is the better web browsing environment.

About 18 months ago I ponied up about $350 to upgrade to a Sprint Treo 650.   It’s a pretty good phone and Palm info organizer, but the browser is too small.   Also, as Jobs was pointing out in his keynote, simplicity is important and the combination of synching the thing with my computer to download pix and phone info is too cumbersome.   In fact I can’t even use it as a modem for my laptop though I think there are some cables and hack software to do it.

Food, shelter, and a web browser is pretty much all you need to get by these days, even if you are running many small to modest sized companies.

If you count the fact you can order Pizza online you can take food off that list.

I really should have kept that AAPL stock I traded for WCOM several years ago.

Don’t take stock advice from me.