Know your Senators!

Here’s a great list from of US Senators with info pages for each one.  Contrary to what many think, even national politicians are pretty easy to meet if you are a constituent of theirs and attend local events where they are speaking (these seem to be most common in the year before an election),  or visit the local office or visit Washington D.C. while they are in session.   I’d say D.C. is the worst way to try to meet your Senator since they’ll be super busy there.

AL: Shelby (R), Sessions (R)
AK: Stevens (R), Murkowski (R)
AZ: McCain (R), Kyl (R)
AR: Lincoln (D), Pryor (D)
CA: Feinstein (D), Boxer (D)
CO: Allard (R), Salazar (D)
CT: Dodd (D), Lieberman (ID)
DE: Biden (D), Carper (D)
FL: Nelson (D), Martinez (R)
GA: Chambliss (R), Isakson (R)
HI: Inouye (D), Akaka (D)
ID: Craig (R), Crapo (R)
IL: Durbin (D), Obama (D) IN: Lugar (R), Bayh (D)
IA: Grassley (R), Harkin (D)
KS: Brownback (R), Roberts (R)
KY: McConnell (R), Bunning (R)
LA: Landrieu (D), Vitter (R)
ME: Snowe (R), Collins (R)
MD: Mikulski (D), Cardin (D)
MA: Kennedy (D), Kerry (D)
MI: Levin (D), Stabenow (D)
MN: Coleman (R), Klobuchar (D)
MS: Cochran (R), Lott (R)
MO: Bond (R), McCaskill (D) MT: Baucus (D), Tester (D)
NE: Hagel (R), Nelson (D)
NV: Reid (D), Ensign (R)
NH: Gregg (R), Sununu (R)
NJ: Lautenberg (D), Menendez (D)
NM: Domenici (R), Bingaman (D)
NY: Schumer (D), Clinton (D)
NC: Dole (R), Burr (R)
ND: Conrad (D), Dorgan (D)
OH: Voinovich (R), Brown (D)
OK: Inhofe (R), Coburn (R)
OR: Wyden (D), Smith (R) PA: Specter (R), Casey (D)
RI: Reed (D), Whitehouse (D)
SC: Graham (R), DeMint (R)
SD: Johnson (D), Thune (R)
TN: Alexander (R), Corker (R)
TX: Hutchison (R), Cornyn (R)
UT: Hatch (R), Bennett (R)
VT: Leahy (D), Sanders (I)
VA: Warner (R), Webb (D)
WA: Murray (D), Cantwell (D)
WV: Byrd (D), Rockefeller (D)
WI: Kohl (D), Feingold (D)
WY: Vacant, Enzi (R)

Venture Capital A B Cs from Marc. Startups are like Arabian Horses?

Marc Andreessen’s got a wonderful 3 part series on Venture Capital over at Marc’s new blog. Most interesting to me was his explanation of why VC investment remains so robust despite what he said appear to be horrible average returns over the past 6 years. This seems to relate to new asset allocation theories for big players who place a small percentage of their staggering assets into VC funds to diversify their positions.

My quick reaction is that it looks like VC investment is something like raising Arabian horses – a fun hobby for the rich but not a good way to turn a buck.